uPVC Windows Styles | Making the Right Choice For Your Home

uPVC windows are packed with a countless number of benefits, from durability to low cost and maintenance and as such, they are a perfect addition to your home. What also makes uPVC windows an excellent choice is the variety of styles to choose from. uPVC windows are very common in the UK and as a result, there are different uPVC window styles and designs to fit your preferences.

So, we’ve decided to compose a comprehensive guide of uPVC window styles and the different aspects you have to consider when choosing a certain style. We will help you find the most appropriate style for the architecture of your house. What’s more, this guide will help you pick a style and design which will fit both your needs and budget.

uPVC Windows Styles

Sash/ Sliding

These uPVC windows are actually glazed panels which will give your home a Victorian or Georgian feel. These windows, as their name suggests, can be open horizontally or vertically. These windows only open by sliding one pane behind another and can be opened outwards or inwards. Hence, this style is perfect for smaller contemporary homes with restricted space. Moreover, they provide better ventilation and sunlight. Sliding uPVC windows are a perfect fit for balconies and bedrooms.


These uPVC windows are the perfect choice for traditional and older homes. Being referred to as Tudor or Georgian windows due to the stripes on the glass, they give a very traditional appearance. Cottage UPVC windows are double hung and the upper sash is smaller in size than the lower. This window style is great for period properties, cottages, and listed buildings.


If you are looking for a window style which will allow plenty of sunlight into your home, casement uPVC windows are the ones you’re looking for. These windows are attached to the frame with hinges and can be made to fit the height and width of the aperture. What’s great about casement uPVC windows is the fact that they will keep the heat inside because they are perfectly sealed. You can open the window inwards and outwards and they are great for noise insulation. This style of windows is ideally suited to bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchens, and study rooms.

Tilt & Turn

Tilt and turn uPVC windows are one of the most popular styles for modern homes as they are easy, safe, and convenient. These windows open inwards but can also be turned sideways when necessary. This style of windows opens fully or slightly and provides maximum ventilation. The tilt and turn uPVC windows are an excellent choice for small spaces, such as the living room or the bathroom.


If you have a small space which needs more natural light, then bay uPVC windows are what you need. This style of windows projects outward from the wall and creates a bay. Thus, they can make any home more attractive. This window style changes the exterior appearance of your home and you’ll have the perfect view of the outside.