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Window installation services

UPVC Windows

Looking to upgrade your windows? There can be many reasons to get replacement windows. Whether it’s to save money on your energy bills. Modernise the style of your windows. Or you just need to replace the old windows you’ve got.

BK Windows provide UPVC windows in lutterworth and the surrounding areas. Using only the highest quality products available you can rest assured that you will be getting the best windows for your home.

Energy Efficiency

One of the main reasons you may be looking at getting UPVC windows is for the savings you can make on your energy bills. we use the energy ratings system developed by the British Fenestration Rating Council (BFRC), which is the UK’s nationally recognised scheme for measuring window energy efficiency. The BFRC scheme is used in Building Regulations to show compliance for window replacements; to comply, every window must achieve a C rating or above.

Every window is tested to see how well it prevents heat loss, keeps draughts at bay and how well it absorbs the natural energy from the sun. We use A rated windows as standard..


Securing your home is of the utmost importance at BK Windows and that’s reflected with the modern security features that come will all our windows as standard.

We manufacture our frames from our own uPVC formula to guarantee their strength and quality. They’re designed in a robust, multi-chambered construction, and we use welded joints for extra resistance to any attempted break-in.

High security steel shoot bolts lock into every frame at two points for additional strength and an effective excluder device offers top levels of protection against your window being forced open by a jemmy. Every opening also has a key locking security handle as standard.
By their very nature, both double and triple glazed windows offer greater security than single glazing, as the extra panes of glass make the windows significantly tougher to break. As an additional precaution, we also internally fit the beading to all our windows to make it impossible to remove the glass from the outside.
All our security features are rigorously tested, giving you the reassurance that your home will fight back against any would-be burglars.

Door supplier

Composite doors

Composite doors are composed of a variety of different materials that result in a door that is stronger and more secure than others. The combination of the PVC, wood, insulating foam and GRP (glass reinforced plastic) all result in a door that is fit perfectly for the job! Here at BK Windows, our composite doors are made out of the highest quality of materials ensuring that they are strong, durable and can stand up against any weather throw at them.

As you know, at BK Windows our aim is to help you save whilst not compromising on quality or security. Composite doors often prove to be less expensive than others doors as they are generally more draft resistant and therefore thermally efficient, once again saving you money on your energy bills! Whilst some might prefer the appearance of other doors, composite doors can come in a variety of colours and can be designed to your preference.

In addition to this, composite doors provide excellent security with an extra-strong frame that is reinforced adding even more resistance against any unwelcome visitors.

What Our Think

Glass Repair Service

Double Glazing Repairs

A broken window can become a costly expense… Whether you have misty windows, cracked or smashed glass. Replacing it can cost hundreds of pounds. Our aim at BK Windows is to help you repair your window without replacing the whole unit. This will save you £££’s while still fixing the problem.

Misted Double Glazed Windows

This is the most common case we see. You know when you have this problem as condensation builds up on the inside of the window. This is caused by the seal of the glass being broken, allowing water to penetrate the glass. The best way to repair this is to replace the glass in the window.

Smashed Window Repair

Whether it’s caused by yourself or someone else a cracked/smashed window means you need to get an emergency window repair. This is so you can secure your home as quickly as possible. We can come out to you on the same day and get your new glass ordered. We will secure your home back up while we wait for the delivery of your glass. What’s The Cost? We can replace a glazed unit from as little as £35 including VAT, installation and a 10-year guarantee.
  • Steamed-up Double

  • Glazing Replacement

  • Broken Window Glass Replacement

  • Faulty Window Locks replacement

  • Damaged Hinges Repaired or Replaced

  • Window Repairs

  • UPVC Window Repairs

Aluminium supplier

Bifold doors

If your looking to seamlessly connect your house to your garden then bifold doors offer the perfect solution.

BK Windows Ltd offer Aluminium Bi-Folding Doors. This is because of there superior quality over the UPVC option. They also provide great looks, low maintenance, whilst not compromising strength or durability.
If your looking to seamlessly connect your house to your garden then bifold doors offer the perfect solution.


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