uPVC or Aluminium Windows: Which Ones are Better?

Every person, at least once in a lifetime, has to replace and buy new windows. With a myriad of options, it can be a challenging and arduous task to pick the right alternative. However, there is a longstanding debate as to whether windows manufactured from uPVC or aluminium are better. We know that this is not an easy task and thus, we made a list of several aspects you should consider when choosing whether to buy uPVC or aluminium windows. With our guide, you can decide which option is better for your budget and property.

Aspect to Consider When Choosing Between uPVC or Aluminium Windows


First and foremost, we all want to buy windows without breaking the bank. Hence, if you want a budget-friendly option, then opt for uPVC windows. With uPVC windows, you get the high-quality product at a low cost which makes this option a great value for money. Aluminium windows are much more expensive.

Energy Efficiency

As aluminium is a highly conductive material, it is considered to have low thermal efficiency. Heat passes through aluminium windows very easily and as such, this option is thermally inefficient. On the other hand, uPVC is a highly energy efficient option and will keep the heat outside. It’s important to note that thermal efficiency depends on the quality of materials used for both window options. However, when we have in mind that uPVC offer high insulation and are weatherproof, they are definitely a superior option than aluminium windows.


The material used for uPVC, known as unplasticised Poly Vinyl Chloride, is a highly durable and long-lasting material. This material is both resistant to climate changes and rot and requires only low maintenance. Likewise, aluminium has a long lifespan and doesn’t rot.


Soundproofing is one of the biggest pros of uPVC windows over aluminium. uPVC windows offer a better soundproofing effect and keep the outdoor noise at bay. This doesn’t mean that aluminium windows aren’t a good insulator, but they are definitely not as good as their counterpart.

Both aluminium and uPVC windows seem to be a good option and comparing them isn’t a cut and dried contest. From all these aspects, uPVC windows tend to win over aluminium ones but it all depends on your budget and personal preferences.