Step by Step Guide for Bifold Doors Installation

Bifold doors in leicester give a lot of character to a plain opening and you can clearly see all the contents inside. What makes bifold doors an ideal solution for your home is the wide-angle view they provide. But, before you can get that view, you have to install the door. The bifold doors installation process can be an arduous task and that’s why we’ve made a step by step guide to help you overcome that.

Bifold Doors Installation: Step by Step Guide

1. Attach the Hinges
First and foremost, make sure the doors are painted and their position labelled before installation. Then follow these steps:
Mark the inner edge of the jamb side door (11 inches from the bottom and 7 inches from the top) and position the food on edge.
Then, align the bottom of the lower half of a hinge with the bottom mark, drill pilot holes through the hinge holes and screw on the hinge plate. Repeat the procedure with the other hinges.
Next, position the leading door on edge and align the doors evenly. Put the hinges together, and first screw the hinges on the leading than to the other doors.

2. Fasten the Track Hardware
The next step is to fasten the pivot plates on the top and bottom of the doors. You should attach pivot plates of the locking arm on the tops of the leading doors and the tops and bottoms of the side doors. Follow the exact instructions in the diagrams that come with your door.

3. Install the Track
First, cut the track to the length you need using a hacksaw. Then, the hanging hardware should slide on the track. Start with the centre, then around and finish with the pivot socket on the outside. You should attach the track with the screws 1 inch in from the front edge of the header.

4. Place the Floor Bracket
Position the floor bracket next to the door jamb according to the given measurements. Next, align the pinhole in the bracket with a plumb bob and screw it in place.

5. Hang the Doors
First, place the doors on the track and make sure that the jamb side is lifted. Then, put the pin all the way in and slot it into the locking arm on the leading door.

6. Attach the Floor Bracket
Screw the bracket and place the other doors. Then, tighten the pivot sockets and the small stops in the centre using a wrench. In this step, you will need a helping hand.

7. Mount the Door Aligner
You should attach the door aligners between the two leading doors (6 inches from the floor). Check if the alignment is proper.

8. Install the Door Pulls
This is the final step and the process depends whether you have flat or paneled doors. For paneled doors, the door pulls should be placed where the corner to corner on the rail and the center of the middle rail cross. On the other hand, if you have a flat door, the pulls should be 36 inches from the floor on every leading door.

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