Interior Bifold Doors Styles

An interior bifold door is an excellent addition to your home and a fantastic way to save space in your home. A bifold door contains two tall, narrow sections connected by hinges. When open, they fold in half vertically and rest against the door frame. Hence, interior bifold doors are a perfect alternative to places where there is no space for traditional swinging doors. The interior bifold doors come in different styles, sizes and colours. Today, we’ve decided to discuss the different interior bifold doors styles you can choose from. 

Interior Bifold Doors Styles

Gleaming Glass Doors
The interior bifold doors contain glass panels which give these doors a very attractive look. The glass can come in different styles and sizes and it can be clear, frosted, etched or plain. Moreover, the doors can look like French doors or Japanese shoji screens. Hence, you can choose which glass style fits your interior and personal style best.

Laid-Back Louvered Doors
Louvred bifold doors are the ones usually used for closets in the bedroom. This door style is easily recognized for the horizontally inclined, angled slats known as louvres. This kind of doors give a relaxed and casual feeling and were originally created for better ventilation. With the louvred bifold door, you will bring the warmth of wood and nature inside your home.

Forthright Flush Doors
If you look for a plain and simple solution, flush bifold doors are the perfect style for you. This door style is totally flat with no decoration. They are usually installed in the hallway when you don’t want them to draw attention. However, sometimes the flush bifold doors can be covered with plain or bevelled sheet mirror. A flush bifold door with a mirror is an ideal solution for your bathroom.

Pleasing Paneled Doors
If you want to imitate the look of swinging doors with rail-and-stile construction, then paneled bifold doors are what you need. The panels on these doors can be flat, raised, rectangular, square, or with an arched camber. This door style goes perfectly with a Mission or Shaker design style. Moreover, you can choose to have panels covered with a mirror or with chalkboard paint. The paneled bifold doors are the perfect solution for your closets and pantries.

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