Do's & Don’ts When Choosing a Bifold Door

The process of choosing a bifold door can be quite frustrating. Hence, we’ve decided to make this process smooth and easy handling. For that reason, we’ve composed a list of do’s and don’ts to bear in mind when selecting a bifold door for your property. 

Dont’s When Buying Bifold Doors

There is no difference between bottom rolling or top hung bifold door. Although many manufacturers and suppliers will let you believe that one is better than the other, this is a huge mistake. Both kinds of bifold doors are the same and you won’t be sorry no matter which one you choose.
Never pay in full before the installation. Even though many manufacturers and suppliers want the balance paid even before the doors are installed, you shouldn’t conform to this. Not paying the full amount will get the job done sooner and better than expected. Then, you can pay when everything is finished and when you’re happy with the final product.
Stay away from bifold doors which have an external track for the doors to slide along. Such doors have been adapted to be bifold doors. What’s more, as they aren’t purposely built as bifold doors, you might face a security risk. Hence, always choose a bifold door with tracks built into the frame.
This might be something you haven’t heard about, but you should definitely avoid bifold doors with floating mullions. That extra piece of material can cause operational issues and looks extremely unattractive on the bifold doors.
If you have been guided by the saying that the ‘more you pay, the more it’s worth’, we must disappoint you that that’s not the case for bifold doors. So, never let the high price trick you that the bifold door is of the highest quality possible. If you need more help making the right choice, check out our article here.

Do’s When Buying Bifold Doors

Ask for a guarantee. This tip is good for any product you buy, especially for bifold doors. Hence, you should ask the supplier to issue you with an insurance backed guarantee. This kind of guarantee is a formal insurance that all the conditions will be fulfilled. The insurance backed guarantee for bifold doors shouldn’t cost you any extra and it’s usually for ten years time.
Always ask for references and every company which offer high-quality bifold doors will be more than happy to put you in touch with past customers.
Don’t trust any supplier blindly and see the actual door you will get beforehand. As you’re spending a lot of money on this product, it’s best to see the door you intend to buy. By doing so, you won’t be disappointed when the doors arrive.
Always ask for bifold doors which pass the current building regulations. Hence, you should get documentation and certificates which certify that your doors meet the standards.
Pick a supplier which will also give you a weather guarantee.