How to Know When Is Time to Replace Your Old uPVC Windows

Many of you probably have uPVC windows installed in your property. However, it comes the time when you wonder when’s it the right time to replace the old uPVC windows with new ones. It is usually impossible to determine how old your uPVC windows are. All windows which have been installed before 2007 are rated ‘C’ while the ones installed nowadays have to be ‘A’ rates. What does this mean? If your uPVC windows are ‘C’ rated, they are 25% less energy efficient than the current double-glazing ones.

The Durability of uPVC windows

If the sealed glass on your windows is properly installed, it can have a lifespan of around 20 years. However, if it’s poorly installed, the sealed glass will allow moisture inside. That’s one of the main reasons why your uPVC windows can fail before time. Likewise, all of the mechanisms on the window have a lifespan. So, when there is a malfunction, the older mechanisms are hard to find and you will need to change the whole window. Moreover, there are other clear signs and signals which indicate that the replacement time has come.

When to Replace Your Old uPVC Windows?


In case you notice condensation on the inside of the windows, it means that your window is not as efficient as it used to be. Over time, more and more cold air will enter the inside pane and you will have to change the window.

Draughts and Leaks

When there are leaks and draughts on the window, it probably means that there is a blockage at the drain holes or the deterioration of the seal around the window. As a result, your uPVC windows have a lowered performance and you should definitely consider replacement.


In case you notice misting inside the units, you definitely need to replace your old uPVC windows with new ones. Misting means that there is a malfunction in the seal and leakage of the gas which is there to prevent heat loss. Hence, you will deal with energy inefficiency if you don’t replace your windows.  

Loss of Insulating Properties

We all know that uPVC windows are a superior insulation product. However, if there is a bigger gap between the panes, your window won’t have this property. Just for illustration purposes, the older uPVC windows had a gap of 6mm, while the new ones have a 16mm gap between the panes. So if you change the older windows, your home will be more insulated. In fact, new uPVC windows will prevent heat, sound, or electricity from entering or escaping. Check out the different styles you can get as well.