How Are Composite Doors Made

Composite doors in leicester are becoming a popular choice of front doors as most homeowners prefer this kind of door over any other. If you didn’t know how composite doors are made, that will change. Here’s a detailed answer to your question.  

First and foremost, it’s crucial to know what kind of materials are used to make these doors. Composite doors are made from different materials and each of those materials is chosen for their unique beneficial properties. So, as one material doors have plenty of flaws, composite doors are made of various materials which are combined with the aim to overcome these flaws.

Hence, composite doors are a great choice if you’re looking for security, robustness, thermal efficiency, and high resistance to abrasion and climate changes. Likewise, composite doors are weatherproof, durable and won’t discolour. What’s more, they require only minimum maintenance.

Except for composite doors, homeowners in the UK also choose uPVC and wooden doors. Many homeowners decide to get a uPVC door as they are the least expensive option, require less maintenance and are very resistant. On the other hand, wooden doors offer a traditional and attractive look. However, both uPVC and wooden doors fail when it comes to the choice of material as each of the materials has flaws. That’s why composite doors, although a bit costlier, overcome these flaws and people decide that they are the perfect addition to their property.

How Are Composite Doors Made?

Every composite door contains a 70mm PVCu outer frame which is reinforced with galvanized steel, composite PVC sub-frame for better stability, and hardwood inner frame for torsional rigidity. Moreover, each composite door must have a CFC-free insulating polyurethane (PU) foam core, 2mm PVC banding at the edges, and 2mm GRP (glass reinforced plastic) grained surface. All these materials prevent cracking, warping, and twisting.

Likewise, the high-quality colour on the composite door is prone to scratches, dents, and requires no repainting. When it comes to the threshold, you can choose not to have one or pick an 85mm or 150mm sill. If you opt for a threshold, note that it comes in either gold or silver with dual weather seals.

Every composite door is unique and its tailor-made for you!