The Ultimate Composite Door Maintenance Guide

To help you learn how to properly maintain your composite door, we’ve composed the most ultimate guide you will ever read. Besides the fact that your composite door has been made with high-quality materials and it’s extremely durable, it requires some little maintenance. Taking proper care of your composite doors in leicester will help you get the most enjoyment from your door for many years.

Composite Door Maintenance Guide

Threshold Clean-up

This is probably the only part which needs regular cleaning as it’s prone to collecting debris. You and the people who enter your home step on the threshold and this part of your composite door is the dirtiest. Hence, it’s very important to clean the threshold regularly and prevent any build up.

Cylinder Upkeep

The cylinder is the most neglected part of any door and as such, it’s prone to debris buildup. As a result, the lock might become troublesome and stiff. Thus, it’s essential that you keep the cylinder free from debris and lubricate it often. For proper lubrication, use only a professional lock lubricant.

Glass Cleaning

Cleaning the class on your composite door is a very easy thing to do. Just like with any kind of glass, you should use soap and warm water to remove the external grime. Then, clean it off with a soft cloth. Note that you shouldn’t put excessive pressure when cleaning leaded glass.

Surface Maintenance

The surface maintenance is also important if you want to keep your composite door clean and prolong its longevity. So, you should regularly clean the door surface, at least once a month using warm soapy water and a soft cloth afterwards. However, make sure you don’t use any abrasive or steam cleaners, bleach, solvent, adhesives, or scouring pads for the surface of composite doors.

Hinges Care

Hinges are another disregarded door part as people think they don’t need maintenance. The surface of the hinge should be cleaned with warm soapy water and you should wipe dry with a soft cloth. However, you shouldn’t use bleach or any abrasive fluids. The self-lubricating bushes of the hinges require only little maintenance. You should only spray lubricant every six months.

Double Locking

You should make sure that your composite door is double locked with every single operation. By doing so, you will prevent warping or catching. Hence, every time you leave the house, ensure that the top and bottom locking points are engaged at all times.

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