Bifold Doors... How to Make the Right Choice.

Bifold doors in leicester have become increasingly popular in recent years as they are an ideal way of creating space and bringing the outdoors inside. The process of choosing bifold doors can be demanding and tiring as there are a myriad of options, from materials, operating systems, to glazing options. So, knowing what to look for and how to choose the perfect set of bifold doors for your property can be a huge relief. As these doors are quite an investment, these are the things you should consider before buying them. 

How to Choose the Right Bifold Doors

Quality Comes First

When choosing bifold doors, you should have in mind that the most important thing they should have is high quality. As bifold doors take a huge portion of your wall and that wall will be with glass, it’s essential that they are made of the highest quality materials. Picking a high-quality bifold door will prevent draughts and rain-water from entering your house. Likewise, you will enjoy a safe, secure, and energy efficient home if you buy high-quality bifold doors.

The Height Limits

The height limits depend on the manufacturer but the maximum height is 2.4m. The open size is of around five metres. However, there are manufacturers who offer higher bifold doors and ones which can cover a floor-to-ceiling wall. You should bear in mind that if you choose such bifold doors, they will also need an additional structural support. In case you consider privacy an issue, we strongly suggest installing Venetian blinds.

Glazed Door Materials

The glazed door frames can be made by using either, wood, metal, composites or uPVC. If you don’t know which material to choose, you should consider the type of your property and the necessary maintenance. Some of the materials which are easy to care for are uPVC, aluminium, and composites. The dimension of the frame and the glass of your bifold door will mainly depend on the material you choose.

Aluminium vs uPVC Bifold Doors

Both uPVC and aluminium bifold doors are a great choice, as they both give a modern look, are easy to care for, and are a budget-friendly option. What’s more, you should opt for multipoint locks for complete security of your property.

Checklist of Things to Consider When Buying Bifold Doors:

Are bifold doors the best option for your property?
How many individual bifold door panels suit the space and your house best?
What type of material works for you? You can choose either aluminium, uPVC, composites or timber.
Will the bifold doors open out or in?
What colours suits your needs and property best?
Where do you want your traffic door?