The Top 5 Things to Watch Out for When Buying uPVC Windows

If you’re thinking about changing your old windows with new uPVC windows, you’re at the right place. Nowadays, there is a countless number of uPVC window manufacturers. As there are unlimited options, it can be quite stressful to choose the right manufacturer if you don’t know for what to look for. So, we’ve decided to make this experience enjoyable for you. Thus, we prepared a list of top 5 things you should watch out for when buying uPVC windows.

The Ultimate Guide to Use When Buying uPVC Windows

These are some of the different aspects to consider before buying the perfect uPVC window.

1. Efficient Energy Use

This is a very important aspect to watch out when choosing uPVC windows. Buying high-quality uPVC windows can enhance the energy efficiency of your house. So, each uPVC window must have weatherproof silicone sealants which prevent heat transfer. Besides, silicone sealants, the windows should have window gaskets with a minimum of 3mm. Moreover, these gaskets should be made of EPDM rubber and TPE.

2. Strength and Sound Insulation

A multichambered uPVC profile determines the strength of a uPVC window. This profile is fortified with galvanized steel. The profile should be extremely durable and resistant to flaking and cracks. Likewise, the windows should be double or triple glazed. They should have silicone sealants and EPDM rubber gaskets to reduce the sound transmission through them.

3. Glass Thickness

When buying a uPVC window, you should also pay attention to the glass thickness. There are several kinds of glass, including laminated toughened glass and normal float glass. Each window should be either single glazing (6mm), double glazing (6mm glass /16 mm inert gas layer/ 6 mm glass) or triple glazing (4mm glass/12 mm inert gas layer/4mm glass/ 12 mm inert gas layer /4mm glass).

4. Security Level

Besides the concealed locking system, each uPVC window must have a quality hardware. The hardware must be made of type 304 grade stainless steel together with handles, hinges, and friction stays.

5. Warranty and Colour Stability

A manufacturer which produces high-quality windows will give you a one-year warranty on the hardware and a warranty of ten years for the profiles. You shouldn’t buy uPVC windows with less than a 10year warranty. Moreover, as white uPVC windows tend to discolour with time, you should insist that a Titanium dioxide is added to the profile. By adding Titanium dioxide (2.5% by weight of the profile), you will protect the white colour.

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