Top 7 Questions You Must Ask Your Installer Before Buying Double Glazing

Thinking about embarking on buying double glazing? Before you pay for your new double glazing, you need to know all the facts and do in-depth research. After finding a suitable company which will carry out the installing process, it’s important you ask them various questions. These are some of the questions a good, genuine and reputable installer would be happy to answer.                                                                   

1. What Energy Ratings Do Your Double Glazing Provide?

The BFRC (British Fenestration Ratings Council) is a system for all windows which shows their thermal performance. The highest performing windows for energy efficiency are rated A, while the lowest ones are rated G. So, if you want double glazing which provides a good insulation and energy efficiency, then ask your installer about the energy rating of their products.   

2. Can You Provide Any Accreditations?

The accreditations your installer has can help you access the reputation of a double glazing installer. Each double glazing installer is tested on their work and thus, accreditations are considered to be prestigious. Thus, ask your installer if they have FENSA, Planitherm or the BFRC.                                     

3. How Much Experience Do You Have?

This is another important question as the experience of your installer in the field shows how skilled they are. The years of experience will demonstrate how much quality and professionalism you can expect.

4. How Long Will the Installation Process Take?

It’s very important you ask this question as you know how tiring it can be having someone around your home working. Knowing how much it will take will allow you to be away from home and pick the perfect time for you when the installation will happen.

5. How Much Will I Pay?

It must seem obvious that you’re going to ask this question, but our job is to remind you. Asking how much the product and the installation will cost will give you an idea of how much you will have to pay. Plus, you will eliminate any unwanted surprises after the work is done.                        

6. Do You Provide an Insurance Backed Guarantee?

Each and every double glazing installer is legally required to provide an Insurance Backed Guarantee which will protect both parties. What’s more, you will have a 10-year guarantee on your double glazing. If the installer you picked doesn’t provide such document, don’t use its service!              

7. Do You Have an Environmental Policy?

This is another important aspect to consider, no matter whether you’re an eco-nazi or not. It’s crucial to know how your installer disposes of your old frames. By recycling the old frames, we help to conserve the environment. So, always opt for a socially responsible double glazing installer.

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