The Average Cost of Double Glazing for Your Home

Are you considering installing double glazing to your property, but you don’t know how much it will cost? This is one of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to double glazing. So, we decided to compose an article to summarize the average cost of double glazing, as well as the savings you get when installing double glazing windows and doors.

Double glazing windows and doors have two panes of glass which has a layer of gas sealed between them. So, double glazing is great for boosting the energy efficiency of your home and reducing the energy you need to heat it.

How Much Will Installing Double Glazing Cost Me?

There are various factors and aspects which determine the price of the double glazing you’re going to install. Some of the things double glazing installers take into account are the size and style of your property as well as the number of windows and doors you need. However, when looking for the average cost, you can expect to pay between £300 and £400 for a single uPVC window. So, that means that you’ll pay between £3,000 and £5,000 for a three-bedroom house.

How Much Will I Save with Double Glazing?

If you’re looking for ways to reduce your energy bill, then double glazing would be the perfect solution. Double glazing will significantly reduce the amount of money you pay for electricity. For instance, your annual savings will be about £120 in a semi-detached house, £175 in a detached house and £65 in a flat. As it’s expected that the energy bill will rise up to 50% over the next six years, installing double glazing sounds like a great value for money.

Can I Get Free Double Glazing?

UK government set up a policy initiative to help people who are looking for ways to improve their home. Anyone can apply to this initiative and it works so that it gives loans to people who want to install double glazing. The loan is paid off with the money you will save on your energy bills. So, even if you aren’t financially ready to install double glazing, you can still do it. If you decide on this option, there are several things to bear in mind:

  • Installing double glazing won’t cost you more than the savings you are making on your energy bills. So, the provider of your double glazing gets repayments over time.
  • In order to qualify for this initiative, it’s required that you have an assessment of your home. For this service, you’ll have to pay about £120.
  • What’s so great about this initiative is that the loan is attached only to your home. So, when you move house, the next owner will have to pay off the loan.
Next we take a look at the benefits of double glazing.