King Power Stadium

The Leicester City Stadium, or commonly known as the King Power Stadium in Leicester City, is the 20th largest football ground in England. With a capacity of 32,312, this stadium has hosted a wide range of matches and events, from football to boxing.

The History of King Power Stadium

This stadium was officially opened on 23 July 2002 by Gary Lineker, a former Leicester striker. The total cost of the King Power Stadium in Leicester City was £37 million. After a collapse of the English transfer market, the main constructor, Birse Construction, lost a huge part of their fee and pulled back from the ground construction. So, Leicester City’s Thai owners King Power purchased the ground and became owners through their company called company K Power Holdings Co, Ltd.

The Name Background

The first name of the stadium was to be Walkers Bowl. However, numerous fans protested against the name being too American. Hence, the name was changed into Walkers Stadium. Again, some fans weren’t happy with the name as its only reference was to the sponsor not to the city. Nevertheless, King Power got the naming rights for the 2011–12 season.

Nowadays, fans either call this stadium Filbert Way, with reference to the ground’s address, or Freeman’s Wharf due to the location of the area. What’s more, the stadium is widely known as Leicester City Stadium since the 2015 Rugby World Cup and UEFA Champions League matches.

Noteworthy Matches on the King Power Stadium in Leicester.

The first match on this stadium happened on 4 August 2002 and it was a friendly match against Athletic Bilbao. After that, many notable games and matches took place. Here are some of the most noticeable games which are worth taking a look at:

2003: A home friendly game between Serbia and Montenegro and the England national football team. This friendly match finished with England winning 2–1. Later that same year, the King Power Stadium hosted a match between Brazil and Jamaica.

2006: The ground hosted a playoff final between Hereford United and Halifax Town. Several days later, Ghana and Jamaica played an international friendly match.

2007: A match between England and Montenegro took place.

2011: A remarkable match between Leicester City and Real Madrid.

2014: Leicester played and won against Sheffield Wednesday. In autumn that year, Leicester won again, but this time against Manchester United.

2015: Leicester City played against Sunderland with the largest league attendance since the opening.

2016: Leicester City played two matches. First against Everton, then against FC Porto.

2017: The club played its UEFA Champions League and won against Sevilla FC.

The King Power Stadium in Leicester in a Nutshell

Opening year: 2002

Total construction cost: 42,00 Mill. €

Total capacity of the stadium at international matches: 32.273

Number of seats: 32.273 (all covered)

Size of the pitch: 105m x 68m (hybrid grass with undersoil heating)

Loads of UPVC Windows installed!

Filbert Way

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