Bradgate Park

The Historical Legacy of Bradgate Park

Did you know that after almost 800 long periods of possession, and following the demise of the seventh Earl of Stamford without a beneficiary, the Grey family Estates were separated and the Bradgate Estate sold off this park in the 1920s?

Bradgate Park in Leicester has one of its own kind of heritage & educational background. In 1928, Charles Bennion purchased this park & gave it to a trust to manage it so that it would be an open space and a public park for the people of Leicestershire & visitors from all around the country.

The legacy of the locales in the trust’s care goes back to 560 million years and recounts 15,000 long periods of human stories. The Bradgate Trust looks after a portion of the most established in situ fossils in the UK, the vestiges of a standout amongst the most imperative nation places of Tudor England and numerous types of locally rare natural-life.

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Witness the Perfection of Nature

Appreciate the rich history and the charming excellence of relatively spotless nature wonder about oak trees that are more than 500-years of age in the medieval deer stop, see Old John tower which is one of Leicestershire’s most well-known milestones at most noteworthy purpose of the recreation center, be quiet nearby the Leicestershire Yeomanry war commemoration and stroll close by the excellent stretch of water, cascades and pools of the River Lin.

The Bradgate Park Trust watches over the globally essential scenes of Bradgate Park and Swithland Wood and their rich untamed life, including Leicestershire’s biggest wild red and neglected deer crowds. These destinations that frame the Bradgate Park in Leicester are broadly secured by enactment, as are a large number of the legacy highlights of Bradgate Park.

Bradgate Park in Leicester has grandstand occasions, including outside theater, silver screen, Acoustic Folk Music Picnic and yearly Proms Spectacular, in the walled Ruins of Bradgate House. This park lets individual to find more with guided strolls that explore the legacy & heritage of the sites.

Bradgate Park also offers sessions including verse, experimental writing, & photograph, also instructive family-accommodating occasions, for example, our Emergency Services Day, Wildlife Weekend and Living History weekend.

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Bradgate Park Leicester

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