Belgrave Hall

Belgrave Hall is a perfect place to relax if you want to escape the bustling city. You can find the hall in the middle among two acres of serene walled gardens. The Hall is open to the public only at special events. 

Brief History of Belgrave Hall

Back in the early 18th century, Belgrave Hall was built and during the years it changed many owners. Each of the owners had an important role in the social, charitable, and the economic aspect of the community.

Edmund Cradock, a rich hosiery merchant built the Hall between 1709 and 1713. However, after he completed the building, he passed away. The next owners were the Simons but unfortunately, little is known about them. From 1767 to 1844, the Hall was home to the Vann’s who ran a prosperous hosiery business. They are known to have been a very generous family. In 1845, the family of John Ellis bought Belgrave Hall. They are known for their good work and they even brought the railway to Leicester in 1833. John Ellis’s last daughter Margaret died in 1923. Just after her death, the house was sold to Thomas Morley. Then, in 1936, it was again sold to the Corporation of Leicester for £10,500. The Corporation of Leicester opened it as a museum and public gardens.

Nowadays, both the hall and the gardens are home to many activities and events and give a real glimpse of the past. It’s situated in the same city as the University of Leicester Botanic Gardens.

Important Things to Know Before Visiting

The Hall is only open to the public during some events and tours while the gardens are open from April to September on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday from the 11am – 4:30pm.

Bear in mind that Belgrave Hall is considered to be a heritage site and not a museum.

To get there, there are regular buses along Loughborough Road (Bath Street stop) and the First bus route 25/26 along Thurcaston Road. You will find Belgrave Hall in two minutes’ walk from both these bus stops.

Belgrave Hall is available for business meetings, commercial events, charities, and small weddings.


Belgrave Hall is probably one of Leicester’s most famous haunted landmarks. Back in 1999, the security cameras outside the Hall recorded two ghostly figures which were a trigger to make this place popular among ghost hunters. Although the footage was examined by the International Society for Paranormal Research and determined as environmental in nature, the place is still considered haunted.

Belgrave Hall in Leicester

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